Optimization – thebuildermarket.com

Optimization - thebuildermarket.com

Optimization - thebuildermarket.com
  • Client thebuildermarket
  • Category Optimization
  • Score 90+ (A)

About this Project

This website is made with WordPress. It was a huge website. Its database size is 9 GB+. So it was so much risky and challenging to optimize.

Tasks I have done:

  • Unwanted plugin remove
  • Some functionality can be done by small code so that we can remove some plugins
  • Conditional load CSS files
  • Conditional load JS files
  • Remove duplicate FontAwesome files
  • Conditional load ReCaptcha & other 3rd party scripts
  • Optimize images and convert them to the next generation version
  • Load images of exact dimensions. Remove large-size image load
  • Configure optimization plugins
  • Reduce DOM elements
  • Sync Cloudflare with optimization plugin
  • Remove unwanted icon fonts
  • Optimize database & reduce database size


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